Why the name Chalice Hypnotherapy | Chalice Hypnotherapy
Its Saturday morning , I am relaxing in bed while writing this and just wanted to answer a question I get asked a lot on why I choose the name Chalice Hypnotherapy for my business. The name has meaning and that symbolism of change, so when ever i hear it , it reminds me of the moment I took action in my mind. Not just think about it. I knew what I was going to do, what I had to do, to start getting those natural human needs met. There was certain aspects of my life that needed to change and transform . I was not content with the way my life was drifting into the same every day . Although I had a good job it no longer fulfilled or stretched my brain, and as human beings our brain needs to learn and stretch and grow with new knowledge. I guess the other interesting factor that led to that change to move forwards in a completely new direction was something that initially was perceived by myself as being a negative event actually also contributed to being the other catalyst