Day out on the London underground conquering fears !!!! | Chalice Hypnotherapy
Hi everyone Hope you all have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. Just a little story to share of what happened to me over the weekend which empowered me and has made me realize just how far i have come and how much hypnotherapy has changed me ! So people who know me well , i had a real problem with claustrophobia, particularly lifts but mostly anywhere i felt trapped! So of course the underground in London was always a very huge challenge which i avoided as much as possible because of the huge anxiety it would cause and sometimes even full blown panic attacks. While training to become a solution focused hypnotherapist i decided to have hypnosis and therapy myself to change my life, my thinking my phobias, anxiety i had a lot of work to do lol. It worked so well , my life changed and i was in control for the first time in years. So back to London, on the tube not loving it but totally in control no fear no anxiety and then the tube stopped mid tunnel !!!!!! Talk about being put to