My First Meeting With Swami (in his subtle form) – by Sai Keshav | Children For Sathya Sai
Sairam, When I first heard about the happenings at Muddenahalli, I was shocked and sad at the same time. For, I had limited Swami to that 5’5 adorable form. Being a student at Muddenahalli and Prashanti Nilayam myself, I even criticized about these ‘happenings’ in Muddenahalli. My mind was really disturbed. One particular night, I was recollecting my school days and remembered those pure hearted teachers of Muddenahalli. I was so delighted to even think about those teachers who sacrificed their whole life to serve Bhagawan and the Nation. Probably, they were the most highly evolved and devoted souls whom I have come across till date. And that made me all the more curious and confused. It flashed in my mind "Swami would never do that to them. If at all, HE would only provide them more succor and solace for all these years of selfless service. They never demanded respect or power or influence. They never ever bothered about name or fame or wealth. There was no wonder why Swami always