My experience with subtle form of Swami – by Dr. Suresha Kodapala | Children For Sathya Sai
Sai Ram, In September 2014, I along with few alumni friends came to Muddenahalli to attend COSS annual meeting. Murthy Anna had announced that Swami will be addressing the alumni. I was curious to say the least. The whole thing was new to me. I was fascinated, pleasantly surprised and was stunned to hear a talk which was identical to Swami’s speech (in the physical body) in humor, delivery of message, style, stories and simplicity. 4-5 times flowers dropped from the otherwise nicely tucked flower decoration. Swami had said that he will call alumni along with the family for interviews at a later date. I didn’t volunteer when the message came to forward the names for the interview since I wasn’t cent percent sure. Then, I spoke to couple of alumni who had the interview and listened to their experiences which increased my craving to experience further. I spoke to my wife regarding all of these and we came for the birthday function on November 23, 2014 evening. After listening to Swami’s