He continues to make me feel special – by Bharani Prasad M. S. | Children For Sathya Sai
Sairam, Life took its normal course after the Summer Course in Muddenahalli. 'HE' had made me feel special in his own way by teaching the Lesson of Equanimity. Now I was to experience him in my heart even more (I had promised him that I would establish him in my heart only if he made me feel special). But Swami is a tough taskmaster. He not only teaches but also tests whether his children have learnt the lesson properly or not. The first test was on its way. As mentioned earlier, I work for a premium chocolate company and we have our own boutique stores in high end locations in Delhi. The store where I work is in one of the best malls in India where the 'who is who' of Delhi come to shop and socialize. The first few days after the summer course were quite normal and my connection with Swami was intact, but as days rolled by, I realized I was being trapped into the materialism around me. My mind was clearly overpowering my heart. I was no longer seeing my customers as forms of Swami