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The center of the IDAddict universe. #HomicideHunter Estimated Reach 124,782 accounts reached Exposure 271,387impressions < 100< 1k< 10k< 100k100k+36372340 Bars show number of tweets sent by users with that many followers Activity 13 tweets80 retweets7 replies 100tweets 90contributors 3days Aug 15Aug 16Aug 17020406080 Top Contributors 180.8k impressions @RosalitaMoog 3 retweets @RosalitaMoog 3 mentions @RosalitaMoog most retweeted tweets 68 - The Real Kenda account Joe Kenda @LtJoeKenda 1 day ago We're just two weeks away. Will you be joining? #HomicideHunter 5 - The only Discovery ID account. DiscoveryID @Discovery ID 1 day ago You've been patiently waiting, and the countdown is finally here. An all-new season of #HomicideHunter starts in ju…… 2 - IDAddict Rosalita Moog 🆔 #IDAddict, Reporter CFMNews @RosalitaMoog about 19 hours ago I