Hashtag Activity For Reasonable Doubt | CFM News
#ReasonableDoubt The challenge was to have EVERYONE put #ReasonableDoubt in EVERY tweet or retweet on Wednesday August 9th, 10th and 11th, that referred to Reasonable Doubt. Any post or anyone that did not use the hashtag was not counted. Some of you did not use #ReasonableDoubt. Yes. I am looking at you. You know better. Using a hashtag makes it easy to see how the show is engaging people on twitter. Estimated Reach For #ReasonableDoubt The estimated overall reach of tweets in this report.106,488 accounts reached Exposure Exposure is the number of overall impressions generated by tweets in this report - the total number of times tweets were delivered to timelines (including repeats). 1,445,813 impressions Activity Activity provides details about the tweets in this report, including the total number of tweets and unique contributors, the time period covered by the report, a graphical timeline showing tweet volume during the report period, and tweet type breakdown. &nbsp