Murder Chose Me; How Rod Demery and The Show Changed Me | CFM News
Retired Shreveport homicide detective Rod Demery reflects on the career he was destined for since the age of 3, when his own mother was murdered. Vowing to ensure that no family would be denied justice the way his family was, Demery served 14 years as a detective in the violent crimes unit, with an unprecedented 100% confession and solve rate as lead investigator. Intimate first-person storytelling meets a gritty Southern backdrop in Shreveport, La. Source Rod Demery is played by John Nicholson an excellent actor that is able to capture Demery! Nicholson's confidence as an actor makes the transition from Real Demery to Actor Demery so smooth it is easy to forget where one ends and the other begins. It is my policy to watch a few episodes berfore I write a review. At some point this stopped being about a review and became a personal journey. Murder Chose Me Hit Close To My Heart and Changed Me WARNING! THIS IS ABOUT A PERIOD OF TIME. I WILL USE THE WORDS THAT WERE USED THEN. I AM NOT