Tips For Starting An Indie Game Studio Part: II Defining Your Customer Base | CFM News
Don't get lost finding your Indie Game Company slot. Tips For Starting An Indie Video Game Studio Part: 1 Who will be playing and who will be paying? Your Indie Game Studio needs a target group! It won't be easy to define your buyer base, but it is essential. Defining your Indie Game customer base sets the roadmap for your business. This is a business! It is a fun business, but it is a business.! Good video games + bad business practices = broke puppy looking for a job. Once you have found your characters and where they are going in the game you are only part of the way home. You Indie Game Studio needs a clear idea about whom your video game is for. Write it down and make sure everyone working on the game knows exactly who you are targeting. It is very, very, very important to know: who will be buying your video game. If you aren't rich enough to advertise your game on national TV you can market your game effectively on social media platforms. Social media allows you to home in