Meet the unfortunate DJ who shares a name with the FCC's Ajit Pai | CFM News
About two months ago, Ajit Pai, a 42-year-old DJ in Goa, India, noticed a puzzling comment on his Instagram. It was abusive, but without any clear reason. The next day, more strange comments began to appear on his account. Some included the hashtag #netneutrality. Finally, it clicked. They were looking for Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai. "Yes, it's two different people, same name" 😂😂. Dunno what the other guy is upto, am doing #TechnoCircuit tonight at #capetowncafe 🤣🤣 #djajitpai #ajitpai #goa #india A post shared by Ajit Pai (@ajitpaiofficial) on Dec 17, 2017 at 5:56am PST Pai first learned that he shared a name with the chairman six months ago, but it had never been a problem until that comment. Last week, as the FCC vote to remove established net neutrality rules became a national controversy, Pai suddenly found himself at the center of the public's rage about losing access to an unregulated internet. "I've been getting death [threats] and