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OUR PHILOSOPHY It is often said that the man runs out of habit. But among men, There are a group distinguished by their originality. Yoopya is there for these men and women in search of originality and novelty. Something different. A portal to human scale. If you are a true original, like to do things differently, Yoopya is for you. THE PORTAL The portal presents worldwide news, covering a large spectrum of content categories including entertainment, politics, sports, health, science and technology, Job, dating, and real estate and more. The world's oldest and largest news agency provides us with today's essential, top local and global news in the best possible journalistic quality. We connect users via a free webmail service and innovative coupled to a messenger. YOOPYA.COM EMAIL ADDRESS provides its users with a personalized selection of unique domains in order to help create their email address according to their wishes and above all free. The user can