The 24 K-Pop Concerts I Attended in the 2010s
Back in February 2018, I made a personal accomplishment by attending 20 K-Pop concerts since 2012. The first K-Pop concert I ever attended was BIGBANG's first world tour, held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Since then, a close friend made it an effort to attend as many K-Pop concerts as physically and financially possible. Even if it's not "In Your Area". One of the struggles of being a K-Pop fan is having to go out of our way to see our favorite idols. Between myself and a close friend, we live in the area of East Tennessee and North Georgia. At the time of BIGBANG, it seems that the go-to places were either New York or Los Angeles/San Francisco. These were the concerts we went out of our way to attend throughout the decade: 2012: BIGBANG (Newark, NJ) 2013: B.A.P (Washington DC) 2014: Boyfriend, B1A4 (Dallas, TX) 2016: EXO (Newark, NJ) 2017: B1A4 (Chicago, IL) 2018: Astro (Washington DC) We thought with how long the Hallyu has made itself known