#TBT: Dragon Ball AF – The Real Deal (Sort Of…)
With the announcement of the first Dragon Ball series in 18 years, Dragon Ball Super--and since it's time for another #ThrowbackThursday post--here is the review of Dragon Ball AF. In case you missed it, Dragon Ball AF is a fan manga created by Toyble, who is now known as Toyotaro, the artist behind the Dragon Ball Heroes manga, who will also be the artist for the Dragon Ball Super manga, alongside creator Akira Toriyama. Enjoy! - - - - - (Originally posted on October 15th, 2010) Remember the commotion about a new Dragonball series several years ago? This "new" series of the Dragonball series supposedly took place a few years after the end of Dragonball GT-with "poorly" drawn images and made up characters. The new series was entitled Dragonball AF, a fan-made series that surfaced during the height of Dragonball Z's popularity in the US. It started as a collection of altered images using existing characters from Dragonball Z or original fanart of the characters, turning them into