Last Minute Cosplay Struggles
The struggle is real. As I write this, at 4:30 AM, I realize that I am not going to be finished with a version of a cosplay for a character that I had all year, if not longer to work on--and it would only take a month's time, with my current work schedule. As of September 10th, 2018, Anime Weekend Atlanta is less than two weeks away, and I am working on two costumes. One is a secret cosplay, in which it looks like I will be able to finish it to be wearable at the con, in addition to closet pieces that will make do until I finish it completely, post-con. The second cosplay is of Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV. I have cosplayed as Ignis before, beginning with the return of JAMPcon, and at Otakon in 2017, in his Casual Outfit. I also ordered the Kingsglaive outfit and wore it to the Final Fantasy photoshoot at AWA, also in 2017. This year, however, I decided to go with his default outfit. However, I am adding a wig to complement his new "Unkempt Crownsguard" outfit from the most