XRP Price Analysis: IMF, SEC Officials Attending Ripple Event | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Though sellers are back, XRP is up 50 percent on a weekly basis. That's down 50 percent from early this week when XRP prices were trading at around 60 cents. Still, we retain a bullish overview expecting buyers to pick up and even drive prices back to 80 cents by the end of the year. When we factor in everything, prices might get a boost during Ripple's SWELL conference. That's when thought leaders and policy makers from all over the world are expected to deliver their key notes. Latest Ripple News The excitement in the crypto space can be traced back to the super-performance of XRP from Sep 18 to Sep 21 when it peaked. At one point, XRP prices rallied to 80 cents representing a 192 percent gain after prices exploded from our 25 cents, a key support point in our analysis. …and we're off! Let's see how high @Ripple can pump $XRP before their Swell conference Oct 1-2. My first $USD target is 43-45 cents. pic.twitter.com/XZwMp9RakX — The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) September 20, 2018