Tron Price Analysis: TRX Sellers Angling at ATLs of Jan 24 | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Despite update of Tron Mainnet via Odyssey 3.1, the launch of a one-in-all developer suite and Justin Sun shills, TRX is likely to drain in days to come. Like in most coins, yesterday's 10 percent depreciation is setting the pace for further lower lows. As such we recommend risk-off traders to sell on pull backs after our stops at Oct 7 lows were hit yesterday. First targets will be at TRX ATLs at Jan 24 lows. Latest Tron News Tron and Justin sun are synonymous. While Justin Sun is a good marketer often making headlines when he shills his coin and thrash Ethereum, none of his charms seem to be working at the moment. Though the market was expectant, waiting to see TRX build on the bull pressure after the launch of TVM and the update of Odyssey 3.1, TRX is still under immense bear pressure and tumbling. Nevertheless, there is some bullish aspect to be gleaned from recent developments. The recent suite release for developers to hit the ground is overly positive. According to Tron, the