Trend Micro Security's 2019 Release Protects You Better Than Ever Against Ransomware, Coin-mining, Banking, and E-Commerce Threats | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
2019 has barely gotten started, but by Q4 of 2018 Trend Micro had already seen a 956% increase in coin-mining malware detections for the year-to-date—right alongside the persistent threat of ransomware and online banking and e-commerce hacks designed to steal your identity or your money. Folks can take heart, however, with the latest release of Trend Micro Security for 2019. Trend Micro's flagship endpoint security product provides a range of new features and enhancements to protect users from threats like these—right alongside its cross-generation blend of proven and advanced threat defense techniques. Its state-of-the-art protections include advanced artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning capabilities, which support its new Pay Guard browser, especially designed to keep your financial data safe. Available in all editions of Trend Micro Security, Pay Guard helps keep you safe from security risks when banking or shopping online with Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Pay