Technology Adoption Determines True Value of Crypto Industry | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
When Warren Buffett, a multi-billionaire investor, admitted that he was wrong about not investing in companies like Amazon and Google, it proved that not even the world's most renowned investor can always get it right. Amazon and Google were bringing in products that the market hadn't experienced before. Skepticisms were meant to be there. But eventually, user adoption won over anything. Cut to today, both the Buffett's rejects are now trillion dollar companies. Such successful case studies only make the case of blockchain stronger, a technology that is gradually becoming the secret ingredient of big corporations and tech startups these days. At its heart, blockchain is a simple concept. It is a ledger of blocks containing information whose copies are stored across a network of computers. These blocks are arranged chronologically, can be viewed by anybody on the web, and does not get managed by a central authority such as a corporation, bank or government. Therefore, hacking a