Tech Support Scam Employs New Trick by Using Iframe to Freeze Browsers | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
by: Samuel P Wang (Fraud Researcher) We discovered a new technical support scam (TSS) campaign that makes use of iframe in combination with basic pop-up authentication to freeze a user's browser. Since this technique is new and unfamiliar, it can potentially evade detection. Like many TSS campaigns, it disguises itself as a legitimate or well-known brand's service provider to lure its victims. This campaign in particular uses Microsoft. Evasion techniques Its URLs show a webpage disguised to look like a typical Microsoft tech support page. However, it hides several different functions. Entering any of the involved URLs will open two pop-up windows: One that asks for user authentication and another that simply urges users to ask for technical support. By then the user has unknowingly entered a loop. Clicking on the Cancel button of the authentication pop-up will only lead back to the URL. The close and OK buttons on the pop-up does not work or do anything, and are only likely there to