Saudi Customs Pilots Shipment Tracking on the Blockchain | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
According to a report in RTT News, Saudi Customs is currently currently experimenting with tracking shipments on the blockchain. The project will link the Saudi customs officials' existing shipment tracking platform, known as Fasah, to a blockchain-based one, powered by TradeLens. Aiding the pilot will be the Saudi Arabian customs IT partner, Tabadul. The Riyadh-based firm has helped to integrate the Fasah platform with TradeLens. Can Blockchain Technology Increase Customs' Efficiency? The TradeLens platform is expected to save thousands in overall costs for those customs agencies that choose to use it. The huge Danish logistics firm Maersk and IBM created the blockchain shipment tracker solution with the aim of moving the world's global supply chain to the blockchain. TradeLens itself was announced last August. The Saudi pilot involves the integration of Fasah with the TradeLens platform. Fasah is a preexisting platform connecting all those involved in the nation's cross border trade.