Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Set For 40 Cents, Ripple Founder Bullish | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Latest Ripple News 2018 was a testing year for coin holders. The bear market wrecked the space and with the anchor coin, Bitcoin, dropping 75 percent, altcoins followed suit. The damage was severe in Ethereum (ETH), and their losses saw XRP replace it as the second most valuable coin. This is despite XRP falling a massive 84 percent from 2017 peaks. Regardless, there is optimism, and while the price is just but one of the many metrics used to gauge overall performance, bulls are confident strongly believing that digital asset prices will snap back after cooling off the whole year. Leading this bull pack is none other than Jed McCaleb, a crypto influencer who contributed towards the development of Ripple. In fact, Jed's XRP liquidation in Q2-3 of 2018 did fuel the sell-off. Read: Jed McCaleb: It's Not a Bear Market, Crypto Is Just Calming Down However, the tide seems to be changing, and in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, the Stellar founder said the market is way up and found it