Phishing Attack Uses Browser Extension Tool SingleFile to Obfuscate Malicious Log-in Pages | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
by Samuel P Wang (Fraud Researcher) The effectiveness of phishing makes it a permanent staple of a cybercrime. The concept behind phishing itself is simple — lure an unsuspecting victim to download a file or click a link by posing as something legitimate — but the strategies used by cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated. While doing a search for phishing pages with unique log-in characteristics, we came upon a phishing attack that involves using a legitimate tool called SingleFile as the obfuscation method to avoid detection. SingleFile is a web extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows users to save a webpage as a single HTML file. Although web browsers allow users to save pages as an ".htm" document, this often means multiple folders for the different files used in the webpage. By saving a page, required files and all, on a single HTML document, SingleFile streamlines the process, making it convenient for various use cases like archiving websites.