Maturing Cryptocurrency Market Sees the Days of the "Crypto Cowboys" Dwindle | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Blockchain and cryptocurrency, although long posing a promising digital solution to many of the issues associated with archaic monetary and digital systems, may soon be growing out of its "Lambo" and "Crypto Bro Club" phase as the technologies see greater mainstream adoption rates. The recent blockchain week in San Francisco points to the fact that the long-held stereotype of so-called "Bitcoiners" being a group of geeky hackers and ostentatious playboys is long gone, with the new crowd consisting of suit-cladded bankers and investors, who are quickly realizing just how impactful DLT technologies can be on modern systems. Notably, Ripple's recent Swell event points to this fact, with former U.S. President Bill Clinton highlighting the event as the key-note speaker, discussing how DLT technology could impact the world. He importantly discussed the importance of regulators walking a fine line between protecting investors and reducing fraud, while still promoting growth of the technology.