Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC is an institutional Grade Investment, Bull aim at $70 | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Still, Litecoin is ranging within a $20 zone with upsides at $70. Though we are expectant at the back of strong fundamentals and technical formations, our Litecoin trade plans shall be solid if and only if our trading conditions are met. Latest Litecoin News Relying on the so called experts can be dashing for your portfolio. While they may be right and authoritative, an investor should take initiative and research before making an investment decision. When LTC was created in 2011 the different hashing algo for mining & 2.5 minute block times was interesting. Now that we have much more experimentation in crypto, LTC is no longer meaningfully differentiated from BTC & is worse than BTC in every way. I think LTC is worth $0. — Tushar Jain (@TusharJain_) August 24, 2018 A case in point is the damning analysis from Tushar Jain who said Litecoin is obsolete. Taking a swipe at Charlie Lee the founder of Litecoin, he said Litecoin—the seventh largest coin by market