How to get Ahead of Vulnerabilities and Protect your Enterprise Business | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Security vulnerabilities are popping up all the time, and can put any business that uses technological assets at risk. In a nutshell, vulnerabilities represent the ideal opportunity for malicious actors to break into systems and wreak all types of havoc. From data theft to information compromise and beyond, vulnerabilities are a particularly pertinent issue for today's enterprises. According to current data, more vulnerabilities are coming to light than ever before: • 2017 represented a record-breaking year for reported exploitable vulnerabilities, reported SecurityWeek. Overall, more than 20,000 security flaws were spotted over the course of the year, a more than 30 percent year-over-year increase. While this can be taken a number of different ways – creating heightened security risks, or more frequent reporting of vulnerabilities on the part of enterprise software users – this level of rising platform flaws is certainly concerning. • Although numbers are still being tallied for