How Machine Learning can Expose and Illustrate Network Threats | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Although machine learning algorithms have been around for years, additional use cases are being discovered and applied all the time, particularly when it comes to network and data security. As years have passed, the skills and sophisticated approaches being utilized by hackers have risen in severity and frequency, and white hats as well as enterprise IT and security leaders must use every tool at their disposal to stem the tide of threats. In this way, it's only natural to deploy the latest techniques and processes to enable the safeguarding of key network components and critically sensitive data. Recently, machine learning has come to the forefront of IT security efforts, and researchers have identified several successful ways that machine learning tools can support overall IT protection. Machine learning: The bigger picture Before we take a closer examination of the ways in which machine learning is being put to use for network security, it's important to have a foundation of