Exposed IoT Automation Servers and Cybercrime | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
by: Stephen Hilt, Numaan Huq, Martin Rösler, and Akira Urano In our latest research "Cybersecurity Risks in Complex IoT Environments: Threats to Smart Homes, Buildings and Other Structures," we tested possible threat scenarios against complex IoT environments such as in smart homes and smart buildings. A significant part of the research also involved a look into exposed automation platforms or servers, which are integral components of complex IoT environments. We define Complex IoT Environments (CIEs) as being made up of enough IoT devices — 10 from our experience — to create a web of dynamic interactions based on set rules. In these environments, an automation server functionally chains the devices together and enables functional interactions of devices that characterize such environments. There are two types of automation servers an IoT environment could have: the open-source server and the commercial server. Both not only have great control over devices but also hold important