Collaborating with Law Enforcement to Tackle the Scourge of ATM Attacks | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
At Trend Micro, we've always been keen to collaborate with law enforcement. While we do our best to protect our customers from the latest threats, it's only with concerted cross-border police action against the perpetrators of these crimes that we can hope to swing the pendulum back in our favor. One common target of attack over the years has been ATMs: offering hackers a direct route to skim card details and get ahold of free cash. That's why we were pleased to have contributed to a new Europol report for law enforcement detailing guidelines on logical ATM attacks. By sharing our expertise in this way, we support the ongoing efforts by both law enforcement and the financial industry to stop ATM abuse. In the firing line The report in question, Guidance and recommendations regarding logical attacks on ATMs, is an update to a landmark 2015 document, coordinated by the European Association for Secure Transactions Expert Group on All Terminal Fraud (EAST EGAF). It represents fantastic