Bitcoin Volatility Hits 17-Month Low, What's Next? | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Bitcoin's volatility rates have hit a 17-month low, due to a combination of a slow news cycle and low trading volume, leading some investors to believe that the lack of volatility could signal a maturing market. Despite this, debate remains as to whether or not a stable Bitcoin is a positive sign for its future. For the past month, Bitcoin's prices have shown an unprecedented level of stability, ranging between $6,200 and $6,800 since early September. For the past week, this trading range has tightened, with a new range formed between approximately $6,500 and $6,600. This tight range has led many cryptocurrency investors to jokingly note that Bitcoin may as well be a stable coin. On Twitter, 360Trader (@360_trader) mocked the lack of Bitcoin volatility, saying: "Hey guys, look! BTC moved $60!!!!!!!!" What's Next for Bitcoin? Although the lack of volatility is leading many investors and day traders to believe that Bitcoin is gearing up for a huge price swing, some analysts think that