Bitcoin Price Analysis: Satoshi Nakamoto is "Alive", BTC/USD Prices Steady | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Technically, BTC/USD is bearish but with increasing adoption and an optimistic market expecting entry of institutional grade investors thanks to Fidelity Custodial Services, launch of NASDAQ Bitcoin Futures and a likely approval of Bitcoin ETF by the SEC, digital asset investors are set to gain. However, before traders begin ramping up, prices must first expand above $4,700 and the re-emergence of Satoshi Nakamoto could first track this. After 8 years Satoshi Nakamoto logged into P2P Foundation group! He posted one word in Arabic which means… "light" What does it mean? And has Satothi's account been hacked again? pic.twitter.com/Ccubk1vYdM — Cryptomedics Official (@CryptoMedics) November 30, 2018 Latest Bitcoin News Still, Bitcoin prices are flip flopping and all over the place. After days of higher highs which culminated with Bitcoin closing higher and unexpectedly fading gains of week ending Nov 25, gains of last week could be the much needed foundation and a sling that will