Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD add $350 but Could Rally To $6,000 by Dec 2018 | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
After a stretcher, coin hodlers are finding reprieve. BTC/USD is up $350 in the last day but could edge higher now that Wall Street companies are forming a self regulatory group—ADAM with the aim of "cleaning" the crypto image. At the same time, NASDAQ plan to launch its first Bitcoin Futures by Q1 2019 should their proposals get approval from the CFTC. Latest Bitcoin Prices Latest Bitcoin Prices Coinciding with Bitcoin price revival—after a long 11 months of value draining bear run, the Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) is keen on "cleaning" Bitcoin and crypto image all thanks SEC indecision What's important is not their objective–which aside from sanitizing the space, will be to create this code of conduct "fostering fair and orderly digital asset market where participants can transact with confidence" but the participation. Over the coming months, #ADAM will work with industry leaders and experts to develop a code of conduct for digital asset market participants. —