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Law and order dominates. Inevitably for policy makers, they are now drafting laws after realizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Regulators in Japan, South Korea and Thailand were the first to pick up early signals but now, the wave is sweeping across Europe. Overly this is good and could help drive Bitcoin and altcoins from 2018 lows. Latest Bitcoin News In a technology that is still trying to find its footing, regulators are stamping their authority. They always do. After all, the only way of riding bad elements from the crypto is adoption of laws that are effective but that not stifling to innovation. Though some regulators took their time to synthesis the effects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology before devising fitting laws, the effect is all the same: governments are now aligning with FSB and Mark Carney previous statements. At the G20 meeting early this year, Mark Carney the Governor of the Bank of England and chair of the Financial Stability Board