Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Successful ViaBTC's ICO is "Very Bullish" for BCH | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
ViaBTC demonstration that it's possible for startups to raise funds on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is very bullish for BCH investors. Complementing this is Roger Ver's solid plan of setting up a "high liquid exchange with BCH as base". This and other fundamental development means our previous Bitcoin Cash trade plan is valid. In that case we recommend risk-off, aggressive traders to load up at spot and trade in the direction of Sep 27 with stops just below Aug 14 lows at $470. Latest Bitcoin Cash News Roger Ver or "Bitcoin Jesus", a controversial Bitcoin Cash evangelist is considering opening a new cryptocurrency exchange. He is now looking for a partner. Though he might end up creating one "internally" it's obvious that once it goes online, BCH will be base. As always, Roger Ver is confident. This time he says, should they decide to build their own exchange, then it will be at a cheap and "achieve exactly what they want". He went on to say the exchange will attract thousands of users