BEC Will Reach Two Levels Deeper | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
In our predictions report for 2019, "Mapping the Future: Dealing with Pervasive and Persistent Threats," we foresaw an increase in the rate of BEC (business email compromise) attacks: "Business email compromise will go two levels down in the org chart." From the report: "Business email compromise (BEC) remains a very potent and lucrative means of funneling money from companies. We believe that as a result of the focus on C-level officers as targets of fraud in news articles about BEC,14 cybercriminals will attack employees further down the company hierarchy. For instance, cybercriminals will target the CxO's secretary or executive assistant, or a high-ranking director or manager in the finance department." The risk may be even greater than that, however. 2014 was a peak year for huge data breaches. Yahoo, Starwood, and Facebook each lost in the hundreds of millions of user identities. This vast treasure trove of identity information offers the holders of that data the