Beauty Out of Chaos: Elevating Cybersecurity to an Art Form – Part 2 | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Art and cybersecurity are not two worlds usually seen sharing the same orbit. But at Trend Micro we believe there's a vision, a mastery of skill and a passion which unites both. It's an approach we've spent the past three decades honing as serious barriers have emerged to challenge IT efforts to support the business. This enables us to provide the solutions and information IT teams need to give businesses the confidence to drive digital innovation and growth. Sleepless nights for CISOs As I explained in part one of this two-part series, we live today in a chaotic world where IT teams must tackle an increasingly agile and determined enemy whilst handicapped by growing technological complexity. As infrastructure has evolved, and connectivity and mobility have grown, the corporate attack surface has expanded, creating multiple points of weakness for hackers to target. But it isn't just the hackers that are keeping IT security bosses awake at night. They must also consider challenges such