Are Your Passwords Secure Enough? | Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software
Online passwords are sensitive data. When they end up in the wrong hands, your private information is at risk. Since cybercriminals are always searching out new ways to break into those online accounts, you need to watch over the passwords to your accounts as if they were your children. Since we typically access our accounts on a daily basis, using browsers and online apps for our banking and shopping, we need to periodically take some time to manage them, to ensure the security and strength of our passwords. Here's few tips to help you do that: Create unique, strong password of some length for each of your online accounts – and change them often, particularly for the accounts you use for transactions. Use a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols to add complexity to the password's strength. Whenever you can, enable a two-factor authentication process in your accounts for added security protection. To further strengthen your online accounts, you should also use a password