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Jump to: Conference Proceedings Papers in Preparation If you are interested in receiving a copy of one of these publications, please email your request to Please be sure to include in your request specific information on the publication(s) you wish to receive (author(s), title, date, publication, etc.). Place 'CCICADA Publications Request' in the subject line. The following papers are listed in alphabetical order by author. Journal Articles Bai, G. & Gan X. (2010). The JIT Transportation problem. International Journal of System Sciences, 1-9, doi:10.1080/00207721003731603. Bhagat, S., Cormode, G. & Muthukrishnan S. (2011). Node classification in social networks. In C. C. Aggarwal (Ed.) Social Network Data Analytics, (115-148), New York: Springer Publishing. Boros, E., Goldberg, N., Kantor, P.B. & Word, J. (2011). Optimal Sequential Inspection Policies. Annals of Operations Research, 187(1), 89-119. Carpenter, T., Cheng, J., Roberts, F. & Xie, M