CCICADA Seminar Series in Homeland Security, February 16, 2018 | CCICADA
CCICADA Research Group Lab Meeting - CCICADA Seminar Series in Homeland Security Date/Time: Friday, February 16, 2018/11:30 am to 12:30 pm Location: 4th Floor Conference Room – 433, Computing Research & Education Building (CoRE) Busch Campus, Rutgers, the State University REMOTE - 800 868-1123/41814849 and BigBlueButton meeting (to be announced) FEATURED SPEAKER: Dr. Michael (Misha) Chertkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory Title: Electrical Engineering, Operations Research and Machine Learning for Power Distribution Abstract: In the three part talk we will give a subjective perspective of the author on applied mathematics, physics and statistic challenges in control, optimization and operations of resilient electric power distribution. First, we discuss stochastic optimal control of an aggregated ensemble of flexible, thermostatically controlled electric loads in distribution grids with network constraints. Scenario of limited communications and significant uncertainty due to