University/USCG Working Meeting on Maritime Cyber Security-March 7, 2018 | CCICADA
WORKING MEETING on MARITIME CYBERSECURITY **Invitation Only Event** Date/Location: March 7, 2018 - CCICADA Center, Rutgers University Accomodations, Travel & Parking Workshop Program Background/Description In a program dating back to the March 2015 Maritime Cyber Security Learning Seminar and Symposium held at CCICADA, the center has been the research lead for a university-Coast Guard initiative on maritime cyber security. In this initiative, the USCG poses research challenges and different members of the research community, primarily at universities, take on the challenges. The researchers write white papers dealing with the challenge problems. A meeting is held during which participants break into groups and discuss the white papers, offering suggestions and advice to the authors. In plenary sessions, future research challenges are discussed. These meetings are by invitation only. Invitees come from universities, government agencies, national labs, the private sector, etc. Here