CCICADA Fellowship Program | CCICADA
CCICADA-Rutgers Fellowship Application CCICADA offers an annual fellowship to students pursuing graduate studies at Rutgers University. The fellowship is funded with a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant. Fellows receive generous financial support for 2-3 years to pursue research interests applicable to homeland security decision-making and data analysis. CCICADA fellows may begin at the start of either the spring or fall semester in 2015. Review of applications will begin in December 2014. We are especially interested in applicants in the fields of computer science, mathematics, operations research, decision sciences, industrial engineering, computer engineering, statistics, and the biological sciences. However, we welcome applicants from other areas of science and engineering relevant to homeland security. Preference will be given to students already engaged in homeland security activities or working with CCICADA faculty. Graduate fellows are invited to participate in