Tips for When You're Ready for Your First Pet | Cats The Boss
Tips for When You're Ready for Your First Pet Pets fight depression, boost the immune system, keep you active, and even help you make friends. Not to mention, they're pretty cute. But is a pet right for you? Adopting a pet is a big decision, so it's important to plan your pet ownership carefully. What type of commitment do you want to make? On average, cats live 12-18 years, dogs 8-13 years, birds 5-25 years (with some large parrots living 65 years or more!), and rabbits 7-10 years. Think about your plans over the coming years. If you're a renter, are growing your family, or plan to travel extensively, factor those plans into your decision-making. Remember that you don't have to adopt a young animal. Older pets are popular companions for first-time pet owners thanks to prior training and calmer temperaments. Consider the day-to-day duties of pet ownership as well. The fun stuff—walks, playtime, and training sessions—as well as the not-so-fun stuff—cleaning up after pets, grooming,