Tea Enriched Alcohol
There is no better gift for most than alcohol, particularly when such alcohol is presented in a luxurious gift box and crafted by an independent, small scale distillery – with a twist. With loose leaf teas becoming ever popular, it was only matter of time before it merged together with another increasing popular drink. Gin. Tea Enriched Alcohol, it was the first time I had come across something like this when I spotted it on Qwerkity. A unique combination of gin and vodka, infused with 3 varieties of tea. Retailing at just £24.99 this set is an absolute bargain, particularly when you discover just how luxuriously it is presented. Arriving packaged in a black box, I opened it to discover a leaflet all about the gin and vodka, the distillery itself and the perfect cocktails to make utilising the drinks. Included is a gin infused with earl grey, a gin infused with jasmine and a vodka infused with early grey also. Three tempting combinations I am sure you will agree. Their taste is
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