Secret Scent Box Review
Perfume is one of the most personal things we buy, and because of that it is so important that you are able to invest in the right scent for you. You want something that personifies your personality, and has people remembering you when you leave a room. That's why a perfume subscription box like the Secret Scent Box makes so much sense. Being able to trial 3 different, luxury perfumes each month means you can keep a scent rotation all year round whilst trying new brands that you may have otherwise skimmed past in a shop. What I love about this box is that it's firstly small enough to fit through the door – avoiding an awkward trip to the neighbour or local post office to collect your missed parcel is always a plus for me! Secondly, it's just so luxe. From the box itself, to the insert which tells you all about each scent and down to the bottles that hold the perfumes. Time and money has really been invested in to the look and feel of Secret Scent Box – and it shows. Retailing at £15
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