My Vegetarian January
If you had asked me last year whether I would be able to give up meat, I would have laughed. I will admit that if I had a meal that didn't feature a form of meat I would feel like I was missing out – but it seems I was wrong. To start 2018 right and look at adding some new recipes and dinners to our repertoire, my partner and I decided to give a vegetarian diet a go and discover how well we might fare! This meant no meat, or fish – we were doing this properly and going entirely cold turkey on any type of animal produce. It turns out that this meant a lot of cheese… though there were no complaints here! How did I feel? The one benefit I really found from removing meat from my diet is that I was suddenly a lot less bloated, and my body seemed to be digesting everything else so much better. I live a life of looking 6 months pregnant for 70% of my life, and purely due to food making me bloat (although a gluten intolerance is partially to blame for this). However, once I removed meat I
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