Homesense Chelmsford
I love shopping for homeware, so when I heard about the new Homesense store in Chelmsford I just had to pay a visit. With two floors worth of shopping to be done for every room of your house I was spoilt for choice... On first walking into the store I was slightly overwhelmed with the wealth of products stocked on the shelves. With so many different colours and objects I don't know whether to go right or left! If I'm honest I didn't expect Homesense to have the range of products that it did. I know that with a store like this things are only available for certain time and often there is only one of each product stocked. This means that you can get something really unique and it will be unlikely that anybody else has the same thing. But it also means that if you don't snap up the product when you see it you could miss out. I wasn't after anything specific so I took my time browsing the store for inspiration and things that I knew would look perfect in my home. One section I
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