Goodlife Vegetarian Ready Meals
When I started looking to eat healthier and increase my intake of fruit and veg, frozen food pretty much went out the window for me – banished to the freezer aisle of my local supermarket where I stare longingly at it every visit. But it turns out I was wrong! And Goodlife and here to prove why. I have tried a few Goodlife products before and been incredibly impressed. With such a wide variety of gluten free and vegetarian products, they really do fill a gap in the market that desperately needs filling. What they do very well is make their products taste delicious, even when they are missing meat. As a non-vegetarian myself I do enjoy trying to have a few vegetarian meals a week, but often I find myself missing the meat aspect of dinner. However, I never have this struggle when incorporating Goodlife food into my meals – so they must be doing something right! It seems things can only get better though with the launch of their ready meals – a tempting three bean chilli, or a vegetable
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