Goodlife Vegetarian Frozen Food
I love to cook things from scratch, trying out new recipes has become somewhat of a new hobby, however none of us always have the time to do this - which is when I look towards my stock of trusty freezer food But with the concept of frozen food often comes the idea of unhealthiness, which is certain true when purchasing high fat, salt or carb products. However Goodlife are here to prove that frozen food needn't be bad for you, and can in fact cater for dietary requirements such as gluten free and for vegetarians too. I tried two products from their range and was highly impressed! I have been getting in to vegetarian food more and more recently, not only does it allow for a break from meat but it often also allows me to ensure I am getting more veg in to my diet. The first product that found itself cooking in my oven were these spinach and mushroom kievs filled with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce. These were especially delicious, with the cheese filling having a subtle but tasty
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