Gluten Free at Perrywood Garden Centre
Garden Centres are somewhere I picture my parents or grandparents visiting on a Sunday afternoon, perusing the flower options on offer and stopping for a teacake and cup of tea at the end. Well, this idicyllic image in my mind was completely dispelled when I discovered the Perrywood Garden Centre, near Tipree, and their wide-ranging gluten free menu. When I say wide ranging, I mean that they offered everything that a person on a gluten free diet desires but so struggles to get when eating out. From sandwiches to fish and chips, all available without a grain of gluten! This was definitely going to become one of my new favourite haunts. Whilst a garden centre wouldn't be somewhere I would necessarily think to frequent, on arrival at Perrywood's I was impressed by the size. On entering you are greeted by a vast hall offering clothing, gifts and food produce. They even had a large range of candles and bath bombs which occupied me for a good 10 minutes or so! The restaurant is bright, airy
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