Essential Cuisine Concentrated Stock (Gluten Free)
Stock is an absolute store cupboard essential, it's an ingredient that's required for so many recipes – and really brings the flavour too! But have you ever purchased stock before (particularly of the gluten free variety) and found it slightly lack lustre in taste? I have and whilst it doesn't ruin a recipe, it does leave something to be desired when you know it should have a more enhanced flavour. Thankfully I found Essential Cuisine and their range of concentrated stock – using only the smallest amount from the bottle you can quickly and easily make up litres of stock. It doesn't require all the stirring and patience of the regular cubes either, dissolving almost immediately to leave tasty stock for any dish. Essential Cuisine concentrated stock is available from Sous Chef. As the winter rolls in I find more and more recipes that are perfect for the season, and that require stock. Thankfully with a range including Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Vegetable there is a stock for every recipe!
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