Organic Coconut Oil
Raw coconut oil would have previously been something I saw in a health food shop and walked past, without a second glance. But it seems I have been wrong all these years and have missed out on one of the best multiuse products available! This tub of 100% organic raw coconut oil retails at £14 for 500g, what a bargain! The tub is full to the brim and with so many uses for it you will be using all around the house! Let's start with my favourite uses, which I can attest to: Conditioner – I applied this to my hair and left it for about 30 minutes before rinsing and then washing as normal. After drying I couldn't believe how soft my hair was. It has 100% never felt that soft before in my life and it smelt great too! The coconut oil is in solid form inside the jar but as soon as it meets the heat of your hand it begins to melt and turns in to oil. You don't need much at all to cover your locks! Cooking – Instead of using oil to fry my meat I have been using this instead, primarily for Kormas
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